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I was given Miles Hilton Barber’s business card by my boyfriend (now husband), when I started out on my adventure of building my Graphic Design business ‘Treetop Studio’ two years ago.

On the front of this card, was the quote “The only limits in your life are those you accept yourself”.

I pinned it to my notice board and glanced at it from time to time, when looking for inspiration or even when feeling a bit stuck!

That particular quote, I felt was so fitting, as a lot of the time, it is myself that I am battling with internally, when it comes to trying to achieve something or setting my own limits in life.

A few weeks back, I saw a post on the Make it in Design blog, looking for designers/illustrators to submit inspirational quotes, to be featured on their site. I knew exactly, that this quote fitted the brief perfectly.

I felt that the visual needed to be cheerful, light and positive, with which I created a simple, linear illustration of origami birds, clouds, with the quote contained inside a giant sunrise. I submitted it and hoped for the best.

A few weeks ago, I was delighted when I got word that my illustration was going to be featured on the Make it in Design blog as their ‘Quote of the Day’ for today (14th October 2014).

I now have both versions of the quote pinned to my notice board!

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  • Siobhán

    I love it Ais, it’s all about having confidence in your own abilities x

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