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While looking through some old boxes, I came across my final year degree project (a book based on the topic of anti-social behaviour), from my college days at Limerick School of Art & Design. With that, I decided to write and post some pictures out of respect for the book design. It didn’t deserve to be stuffed in a box but showcased, after all it played a vital part in earning me my honours degree in Graphic Design. The book gave a gritty visual insight into this ever prevalent subject. I remember pounding the streets, snapping shots of run down council houses and stealing glimpses of this attitude throughout the city.

It was quiet nostalgic and interesting, flicking through the hand glued spreads, remembering the crazy hours I worked to get this project completed in time, but also to see how my work has progressed. To my surprise, I could see elements throughout the book, that I still enjoy using today.

Someone once said to me, that your final year project, is your ideal project, your ideal client. This seemed like an obvious assumption, but I hadn’t realised this and hadn’t given my younger self the credit that in fact to this day, this is still the sort of project that intrigues and excites me.

(Note to self: Get back into using my sketchbook & experimenting with paints/inks).

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